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Reynaldo Mendoza, is our proud host of Yellow Seats Podcast. Born in Nicaragua, raised in Montreal and Bronx NY, Rey always had the hustler mindset in him.

From barber to some side hustle, failed a first startup at age 23, and now proud owner of a marketing agency, RM Strategy for over 8 years, and Blk Box Media, a production and media company since 2021 serving as the umbrella of YSP and multiple other popular podcasts.

He’s been doing digital marketing for over 15 years and business development for 17 years now. Has a bachelor degree from HEC Montreal with a major in marketing. He knows how to build and grow a business. This new purpose to build a media company is. 

Yellow Seats podcast was founded by Reynaldo Mendoza in Mai 2020, in the early stages of the pandemic. Reynaldo wanted to develop a new marketing channel to differentiate himself and decided to give it a try with podcasting. The goal of the podcast was to meet and promote entrepreneurs from the local scene in order to encourage local shopping but also meet new people. In addition, he felt like podcast from the local scene didn’t promote enough diversity, so with that said, he wanted it to be his core value.

Four years later,  YSP has grown to over 50k followers with a solid contact list, YSP has built a notoriety for his business and entertainment channel in the Montreal local scene. 

So what’s next? YSP would like to expand his reach to encourage businesses to learn from his experience in the podcast field. YSP is developing a VLOG where he’s visiting business owners in their environment and doing VOX POP in corporate event as an extra way to reach and discover new people.


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